Does the Right Phone Ring?

How easy is it for your customers to get through to the right person at your company? How much time is wasted due to transferring to the wrong person? Are your customers frustrated? Is it possible that you’re losing people before they even get to you? If you aren’t sure of the answer to even one of these questions, then you need someone to check out your phone system or help you set one up.

The main component to get your customers to reach the right person is having a carefully and thoughtfully constructed phone tree. With more people working offsite than ever these days, it’s so important for the phone tree to be routing calls quickly and accurately. Is your phone tree operating the way you want? Was it set up ages ago? Do you know how to adjust it? One of the benefits of a modern phone system with a virtual receptionist is a very easily understood and modified phone tree.

If maintaining your company’s phone tree is something your technology resources don’t have the time or knowledge to do, EasyCom can help. By modifying your existing phone tree or setting you up with a new phone system, EasyCom can make modifications for growth or employee transitions easy to accomplish going forward. Your phone tree can follow the workflow of your organization and grow accordingly – never leaving any customers frustrated.

Deborah Zukerman
Author: Deborah Zukerman

Girl Friday and relentless grammarian

Does the Right Phone Ring?

Is your tree right? Are people talking to the right people?

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