Benefits of Used Equipment

We all want to outfit our business with the latest and greatest technology. We feel that this could be a strategic selling point with our clients. However, when you consider the price tag associated with brand new equipment, all of a sudden, you realize that your budget says you’ll have to rethink your plans…

Don’t be disheartened by this realization! Not having the latest model of a piece of technology does NOT mean that you can’t operate on the cutting edge. It just means that you can take advantage of the fact that others are investing in the newest and priciest… You can instead get almost-new equipment because of those that chose to upgrade. Taking advantage of used equipment is a terrific way for a business to minimize their equipment costs, while maximizing the technology capability for the money. You just need to know what to look for, what kind of vendors are available, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Just because a piece of equipment is used, does not mean it is obsolete or necessarily less desirable or functional. In fact, purchasing used equipment gives you the opportunity to buy higher grade hardware than you might ordinarily be able to afford. State of the art may mean the newest and hottest, but what you NEED for your company is all you need, and you should never pay for more than you need.

Here’s an example: you need 10 desktop PCs for your expanding office, and the going rate for these brand new is $700 (for the latest model of processor, which can do much more than you actually need for your new hires). You look at your regular technology distributor and you notice that they have refurbished models (complete with warranties) of last year’s model, which got excellent reviews and can still handle way more than your new hires will need. These refurbished PCs are only $275 each!

New: $700 x 10 = $7,000
Refurbished: $275 x 10 = $2,750
That’s a difference of $4,250 or a savings of 60%!

There are many vendors of used equipment out there and not all of them are reputable. It’s important to know the vendor and know exactly what you are purchasing. Used equipment refurbished by the manufacturer or by a trustworthy distributor may come with similar warranties to new equipment. It pays to spend some extra time researching the exact model you want and comparing the vendors as well as the prices. One vendor may offer something for a lower price, but it may not come with as long a warranty (or none whatsoever – be careful of those!).

The benefits of purchasing used equipment doesn’t just apply to computer technology, but can also extend to other office equipment like office furniture, storage shelving, or printers and copiers. In the current economic climate when some businesses are struggling and liquidating equipment they no longer need, you could be in a position to take advantage of quality office equipment at very low prices. Just make sure to do your research on both the equipment and the seller before buying…

Deborah Zukerman
Author: Deborah Zukerman

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Let's be honest - there are a million items that pull at your technology budget. Some of them you buy LEARN MORE

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